A Guide To Hyppe Max Air Disposable Vape


    An innovative disposable and rechargeable vape is the Hyppe Max Air 5000. It has the appearance of being beach-related.

    The gadget Hyppe Max Air has a mesh coil and 13 mL of juice with 5% nic salt in your choice of 14 flavours. It has a Type-C connector and a rechargeable 650 mAh battery.

    The Max Air 5000 has a 6500 puff capacity. Despite being referred to as "max air," it has a natural MTL draw. Before I discovered that pulling more firmly results in getting more air than pulling slowly, I felt the term was a little deceptive. It doesn't just have the same impact as another gadget; it feels purposeful. However, I still advise seeing this as an MTL draw. High nicotine, keep in mind.

    The Elf Bar made the "5000" style throwaway a prominent niche right now. Let's get started by learning more about the Hyppe Max Air 5000 and evaluating its capabilities.

    Flavors: Black sakura, caramel ice cream, cola freeze, lush freeze, mango freeze, mighty mint, naked (unflavored,) sour peach, peach freeze, strawberry freeze, strawberry sky, summer fruit, berry lemon ice, strawberry mango.

    A disposable with an intriguing appearance is the Hyppe Max Air 5000. The entire thing is white, with neon-colored rubber running down the curves and spreading out into a mouthpiece. The specific tastes are intended to be evoked by the colours. Additionally, a lanyard in the form of a bright green ribbon is included. It's a little too early 1990s for me, but at least it's useful. Mine was gone.

    What seems to be ventilation or airflow on the front and rear of the gadget is really indication lighting. When you vape, the large, brilliant, blue lights on the front light up; they flash when the gadget needs to be recharged. I wouldn't want to carry something that was overly "loud." I do agree that it seems rather cool when lit up. Just because it's so bright! It serves as a source of light for me. I felt a little lightheaded while performing it.

    The Hyppe Max Air has a somewhat larger frame than similar Elf Bar 5000 series models, but not by an excessive amount. It is 67 mm, 49 mm, and 23 mm thick (not including the tip).

    The rubber is what I appreciate most about the shape aspect and design (the mouthpiece and the contours). The flat tip makes a good shape to sketch from. Furthermore, the rubber is a welcome change from the rigid plastic of disposables (or metal drip tips from back in the day). Simply said, the item is simpler to hold thanks to the rubber borders. The front and rear faces, which typically have a slick matte finish, are smooth.

    Getting going

    As with most disposables, getting started doesn't need much information or effort. Simply take the gadget out of the packaging, unsticker and remove any connectors, and start vaping. You are not required to use the lanyard if you choose not to. Thank god you don't even have to keep it on the gadget.

    I got the entire batch of Hyppe Max Air 5000s, however one of them wasn't functional. The device's bottom has a sticker that is supposed to prevent juice leaks while it is being transported, however it was moist and had fallen off. The worst thing is that it was the flavour of ice cream I was most eager to try: caramel. It won't turn on despite my repeated attempts to charge it.

    How does it hit?

    The impact is pretty great. I enjoy the pull and hit more and more as I use it. I need as little air as possible for a true MTL draw, but it's wonderful to be able to pull a bit harder and feel the limited lung impact more strongly. But as was already said, given the strong nicotine content, this would be best categorised as an MTL draw for the majority of smokers.

    The vape grows louder the harder you draw. It isn't as annoyingly noisy as a sub ohm tank, but it's also not completely silent. With only a small hiss and crackle from the coil during the airflow, taking an MTL draw is essentially noiseless. As you pull harder, it becomes louder.

    The mesh coil of the Hyppe Max Air delivers warm and rapid hits, which is a characteristic of mesh coils. The Hyppe Max Air flavor starts nearly right away because there is hardly any ramp-up period. Surprisingly, the throat impact with the Max Air 5000 is on the moderate side with the regular 5% nicotine. Despite the fact that it is not mentioned in the marketing brochures, I believe the nicotine may be tobacco-free. In addition, I feel that synthetic nic dulls throat impact and taste.

    The standouts of the bunch:

    • Caramel Ice Cream - An energising vape that bursts out of the box smelling like caramel ice cream. Amazingly true to the intended flavour. Not much cooling note at all. One of the nicest disposable flavours I've encountered, and undoubtedly the best flavour offered by HYPPE. The name speaks for itself.
    • Black Sakura - An intriguingly flowery and sweet aroma that has a distinct and unusual flavour. very excellent, really unusual. 
    • Mighty Mint - Minty & sweet. It has a mild spearmint flavour that is similar to peppermint. 
    • Summer Fruit - Fruity, tangy, and lively. It tastes and smells like a summer drink made from mixed fruits. This one's subtle cooling tones are effective. a pleasant taste.
    • Strawberry freeze - A strawberry flavour that is sweet and natural with significant cooling. Although not extremely flavorful, the strawberry is unmistakable.
    • Naked - Despite the lack of flavour, the "pure" taste of nicotine and vapour provides enjoyment. It succeeds every time. You don't need to be in the right frame of mind. There is hardly any cooling on this one.

    Wrapping It Up

    The Hyppe Max Air 5000 is a reliable disposable vape overall. Although I enjoy using it, I do wish the tastes had more punch, like caramel ice cream. For its coil performance, mouthpiece, and reliable airflow that can switch between MTL and limited lung hit, the Hyppe Max Air Disposable is advised. It has a steady hit rate and lengthy run periods. If the tastes were stronger, I would heartily suggest the Max Air 5000, but I have to stop short of that. Only the caramel ice cream comes highly recommended. That one is highly advised.


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