UWell Caliburn A2: Truly Satisfying Experience


    Vaping is an art that can be mastered only by having a thorough and thorough knowledge about the parts of your vape. That said, vaping through the UWell Caliburn A2 can put you in an interesting vape mood. It features a top-filling feature with a visibly sleek and simple design. 

    The perk of vaping with this vape is that it is light-weighted and travel-friendly. Seemingly more attractive than the disposable vapes, the drip tip is uber soft and gives a comfortable vaping experience every time you pull a draw. The 520mAh battery of this pod is integrated to function the 0.9Ω of Caliburn A2 pods which can hold 2ml of e-liquid. It provides excellent flavors with top-notch cotton wicks infused with optimum full-bodied flavors that hold an overpowering taste.

    These are rechargeable and can be charged again using a micro-USB charger by plugging the micro-USB end into your Caliburn vape and then connecting the USB side to any wall adapter, power bank, or PC. While it charges, the indicator light will remain lit.  If there are no indicators displayed when charging your device, please disconnect and try again. The light un-glows when fully charged.

    Performance of UWell Caliburn A2

    You will get thick and wet vapors with this vape, similar to what you expect from a high-quality cotton wick. The freedom to vape on your own vape juice makes this an extraordinary vape. The flavor remains rich and sweet after three refills, with no burned taste or flavor loss. MTL vapers will be pleased to learn that the resistance of the coils is optimized explicitly for MTL use. The Pro-FOCS technology used to build this vape makes the action rapid and convenient.

    UWell Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods responds within mini-seconds to the firing commands responds quickly to the firing commands. To turn on the device, press the fire button five times in two seconds  Even though its maximum output wattage is limited to 15W, this is more than adequate to generate substantial vapor clouds. It doesn’t have any standard vape features, such as temperature control, screen display, or memory mode, that have become commonplace in more recent models. Also, vapers must know that there is no adjustable airflow control.

    The design and appeal of Caliburn A2 are exorbitant. These are available in six different colors-

    • Blue
    • Green
    • Black 
    • Grey
    • Irish Purple
    • Orange

    All the above colors have the power to attract. You can go for anyone that captures your attention the most. 

    Replace with UWell Caliburn A2 replacement pods

    To keep the flow in continuity, you must replace the resistance pods with UWell Caliburn A2 replacement only. This comes in a pack of 4 and contains 2 ml of vape juice. The coil resistances are 1.2  and 1.4 Ohms. For replacement, begin by gently removing the wasted cartridge pod from your vape. This can be done by just pulling it.   insert the Follow by inserting the new one. Fill it with your favorite e-juice. Now, place it at the same position by pressing it downwards until it gives you a clicking sound.

    Summing Up

    UWell Caliburn A2 is the trending vape pod that can be tried by smokers who are looking to try something new that can even cut down their tobacco intake. It comes with an advanced personal vaporizer with a  refillable cartridge that can give your throats the nicotine hits it craves for. It gives you a way to enjoy awesome production of intense steam and great flavor without having to buy an entirely new device every time you crave a change. The DL vapers might not find this vape helpful and those who relish vaping only with an adjustable draw control might also skip it but all in all, it is a satisfying vape that can sort you over some decent, flavorful puffs that comes with a stylish vape.


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