There are no doubts about the creative advancements that science and technology have bestowed on us. Almost anything and everything has now undergone the smart electronic transformation to make the world a better-equipped place. We now have SmartDoors, SmartBeds, SmartChairs, e-Bulbs, and the list is as vast beyond counting. Within such a sphere of e-living, how can cigarettes be spared? Right? From the Classic Cigars to the present-day concept of e-cigarettes, the very process of smoking tobacco has turned into vaping with a hope to at least switch the chain smokers to a less hazardous puffing activity if not entirely quitting it! We all are aware of how completely doing away with smoking is next to an impossible task. One needs to take it slow and calm and switching to "vaping" for the same is not a bad idea! Isn't it?

    •  What is vaping?

    As the term suggests, it is inhaling vapors of a liquid that an electronic cigarette holds. The good news is that these liquids are tobacco-free and contain nicotine, chemicals, and flavors to make the fags all the more personal for you. So, if you're inhaling an e-cigarette, you're actually "vaping"!

    •  How does a vape device work?

    The mechanism can be divided into four sections for a clearer understanding-

    1.   A cartridge that holds a liquid solution

    2.   An atomizer that heats the liquid under 100-250 degree C

    3.   A Battery (can be other power sources also)

    4.   A mouthpiece for inhaling the vapors

    • The Vaper Trends?

    The vaping adventure has a lot to offer, from cig-a-likes, vape pens, and vape mods to pod mods that come in a "closed " (prefilled mechanism) or "open" (re-filling mechanism) pod system. Howsoever, 'JUULS' and 'Puffs Bars' are the most popular among all due to their pocket-friendly feature that hits you with an awesome flavor! They are cute little boxes that save you the tough time in opening them. All you have to do is to rip it on the sides and you're ready for the ciggy-feels causing less damage to the environment at the same time. 

    Puff Bar is considered over JUULS due to many reasons, the chief one being the cost. While JUULS gives you the clouds but is it really worth the want when the puffy-bars are a cheaper and more convenient way to go? Doesn't they sound like a bar of chocolate to you? Hahaha! These are sure not gonna disappoint you and it's fun due to their light-weighted, disposable portability with no-buttoning hassles. With more battery life, they are good to go alternative for you during traveling… The perk is that these are usually on discounts nowadays. Why don't you test one of ours? We're commercing at https://ravenroute.com.


    We know how harmful smoking is and ergo are not at all promoting vaping, knowing how nicotine again is an addictive component. Dear cronies! Our intention is clearly to provide an alternative for the smokers who have decided to embark themselves on a smoke-giving habit and undergo the relapsing whenever they begin it. Hoping our vape device will one day get you closer to this goal! GodSpeed!


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